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Quatre segments regroupent l'offre Bienvenue à la ferme

L'offre des agriculteurs Bienvenue à la ferme est vaste et répondra à vos attentes en terme de dégustation de produits fermiers ou produits du terroir, d'hébergement ou de loisirs à la ferme.
Vente de produits fermiers, restauration, séjours et loisirs, découvrez ici toutes les prestations des 8 000 agriculteurs Bienvenue à la ferme

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For beginners or experienced riders
Want to set off for a ride, introduce your children to horseback riding, take riding lessons or improve your riding skills (competition, vaulting…)? Our equestrian farms feature a large range of activities, aimed at both beginners and experienced riders.

Discover horse riding
Horseback riding and trekking or carriage rides with qualified instructors, renting of horses, horse boarding are all offered by our equestrian farms to provide you with a better understanding of horse-riding and horses themselves since you can feed and groom the animals.Some farms include catering services and accommodation facilities.

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