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L'offre des agriculteurs Bienvenue à la ferme est vaste et répondra à vos attentes en terme de dégustation de produits fermiers ou produits du terroir, d'hébergement ou de loisirs à la ferme.
Vente de produits fermiers, restauration, séjours et loisirs, découvrez ici toutes les prestations des 8 000 agriculteurs Bienvenue à la ferme

Dans une ferme pédagogique

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Cheese making, farming activities, cattle breeding…a large range of educational activities are offered to children as part of their school programmes (educational school trips to the country side…) or as supervised leisure activities.

A first-hand experience
Once on the farm, children have the opportunity to see how agricultural machines work, get close to animals to better understand them… A first-hand, educational experience of country life and the rural world.

Customized programmes can be proposed by teachers or coordinators in partnership with farmers.

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