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Quatre segments regroupent l'offre Bienvenue à la ferme

L'offre des agriculteurs Bienvenue à la ferme est vaste et répondra à vos attentes en terme de dégustation de produits fermiers ou produits du terroir, d'hébergement ou de loisirs à la ferme.
Vente de produits fermiers, restauration, séjours et loisirs, découvrez ici toutes les prestations des 8 000 agriculteurs Bienvenue à la ferme

En achetant des produits de la ferme

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Direct sale of fresh farm produce from the producer to the consumer.

Farm produce without middlemen
Farmers sell their own production at the farm, on markets and in some specialized retail outlets: direct sale of vegetables, fruit, meat (pork, veal, beef, poultry, foie gras), honey, jam, wines…A wide range of local products are available, including some organic ones. They are all fresh, quality produce with a guarantee of origin and traceability.

The farmer’s advice
Should you have a question about the origin of a product, expiry dates, preservation of a vegetable? Ask the farmer who will inform you and provide useful advice before offering to show you around the farm.