Country style aperitif at the winery

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Quatre segments regroupent l'offre Bienvenue à la ferme

L'offre des agriculteurs Bienvenue à la ferme est vaste et répondra à vos attentes en terme de dégustation de produits fermiers ou produits du terroir, d'hébergement ou de loisirs à la ferme.
Vente de produits fermiers, restauration, séjours et loisirs, découvrez ici toutes les prestations des 8 000 agriculteurs Bienvenue à la ferme

Apéritif fermier

logo Apéritif fermier chez le vigneron
Come and taste our local wines, served with farm-made produce. Learn how to match tastes and flavours.

The secret of matching the right wine with the right food
Enjoy the mellowness of a white wine, the typicity of a red or the crispness of a sparkling wine, all served with the matching farm produce: salted (charcuterie, goat cheeses…) and/or sweet local specialties. The wine grower will teach you the basics of wine tasting terms and reveal the secret of matching food to wines successfully.

Visit a wine estate
Visit a wine estate under the guidance of the owner; take a stroll around the vineyards; step down to the cellar. Discover the many skills and know-how of an occupation that is also a passion.

Instead of wine kids are served natural soft drinks (fruit juice, syrup…) produced on the estate or by nearby farms.