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L'offre des agriculteurs Bienvenue à la ferme est vaste et répondra à vos attentes en terme de dégustation de produits fermiers ou produits du terroir, d'hébergement ou de loisirs à la ferme.
Vente de produits fermiers, restauration, séjours et loisirs, découvrez ici toutes les prestations des 8 000 agriculteurs Bienvenue à la ferme

Sac Pique-nique

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A picnic on the grass
Offering farm produce exclusively (a salted product, a sweet product, a bottle of wine or natural drink), our packed lunch also includes all necessary equipment (plates, forks and knives, glasses) for a successful and pleasant lunch on the grass .

Enjoy this simple and unassuming lunch in a shady picnic area located within the farm estate or in the surrounding area.

Visit the farm estateDon’t leave before visiting the farm estate under the guidance of the farmer or one of the family members: you will learn all you have always wanted to know about everyday life on a farm.

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